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Carta al Senador Paul

Carta al Senador Rand Paul R-KY


The Honorable Senator
Rand Paul
167 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510

Dear Senator,

On December 31st, 2021, the creation of the bill that can offer permanent stability to more than 421,000 Venezuelans residing in the United States began. 

This proposal, called the Venezuelan Adjustment Act., is a way to offer Permanent Residency to Venezuelans residing in the USA.

For this Petition/Bill to prosper and advance, we need bipartisan support; therefore, we enthusiastically request that you be a sponsor of said bill because you represent a great hope for the Venezuelan people.

We would like to enact this legislation based on the following reasons:

  1. We wish to be considered as partakers and recipients alike of the already existing Cuban Adjustment Law approved on November 02, 1966
  2. Apart from the humanitarian characteristics, the Venezuelan community would be a community of interest to the United States.
  3. The United States is a nation consistent with the principles they have followed in their dealings with the nations around the world, to encourage freedom and to encourage resistance to totalitarianism.
  4. The approval of this law would be a contribution to the principle of consistency of the United States, which carries freedom and resistance to totalitarianism as its flag, which is a nation that practices what it preaches and which extends itself to provide the opportunity for people who are victims of totalitarian regimes, to live in a free society and be useful to their newly acquired place of residence, the United States.
  5. Many professional Venezuelans already are, and countless others will be an asset to this country once they are legally permitted to practice their professions in the U.S. such as medical, legal, teaching and all for which they are currently not able to engage in, due to their immigration status because most require permanent residence or US citizenship. 
  6. The Venezuelan community has been characterized mostly as hard-working professionals who are an asset in many American communities.
  7. Does not encourage irregular immigration.
  8. We are not a public charge and most Venezuelan applicants declared their taxes to the IRS.

The Venezuelan community implores your help in bringing this legislation to the House of Senate' floor to permanently protect Venezuelan residents already residing in USA. We encourage and count on your support on behalf of this legislation.

We need to provide a pathway for Venezuelans by affording them stability with a great promise of contribution to the nation, being an asset and added value to the growth and development of communities.


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