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Via this form, we are hereby lending our support to the Project Venezuelan Adjustment Act. which will benefit 400.000 Venezuelans helping them to obtain permanent residency in the USA. This petition is based on the current political situation occurring in Venezuela which is forcing hundreds of thousands Venezuelan to immigrate to various countries. 

Not only are they risking their lives and their families while leaving to other places, but they also know that the Venezuelan regime will never change their embraced communist government disguised as socialism. Actually, Venezuelans are experiencing the same situation by which the Cuban Adjustment Act.  was implemented in November of 1966.

These are two political regimes equally inseparable which amounts to a humanitarian crisis which

became the reason why 7.1 million Venezuelans have run to exile, becoming larger than Syria and Ukraine's but without the war conflicts or natural disasters. This debacle is the product of a totalitarian regime which deprives the middle-class and the less fortunate of the most basic human services to live.  Venezuela's regime was expelled from DDH by the ONU for its violation of human’s rights.

Furthermore, it's undeniable that this Petition is within all the laws of protocol and nonpolitical partisanship. This petition for Venezuelan status Adjustment doesn't incentives illegal immigration, on the contrary, it represents immense benefits for America's national economy and interests.

It's a simple Law by which we solicit the same basic principles that the Law of Cuban Adjustment offers and will only cover Venezuelan that were in American soil prior to December 31, 2021.

We gratefully appreciate your consideration to our petition which is made by our economic sector in your District, and as our federal representative in Congress/Senate we sincerely hope and trust that you could embrace and sponsor our Venezuelan Adjustment Law Project.

Therefore, in your privileged position as an American legislator and defender of Freedom and Democracy we respectfully ask that you support and endorse our Petition to finalize our desire to be proud residents of America, the "land of the free and the home of the brave".

Sincerely yours,

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