Join the petition to promote the “Venezuelan Adjustment Law” Project. With your signature we can ensure that more than 400,000 Venezuelans can adjust their status and obtain Permanent Residence.

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I , U.S licensed attorneys,, am writing to express the support for the Venezuelan Adjustment Act. The Venezuelan community has been a victim of abuse by the Nicolas Maduro regime and their actions have separated millions of families and have forced thousands of Venezuelans to seek protection in the United States. We are a community comprised of hard-working people that want to contribute to the American society and have a positive impact on different communities throughout the United States.

Venezuelans have been victims of persecution due to having democratic values that oppose the communist ideals of the Nicolas Maduro regime. Millions of Venezuelans have been victims of human rights violation, arbitrary incarcerations, and torture at the hands of the repressive forces that follow orders from the dictator Nicolas Maduro. Also, in addition to human rights violations, the regime has intentionally deprived Venezuelans of basis human necessities such as food and medicines, which has resulted in children dying of hunger and people not being able to cure their illnesses and discases.

Several reports by different organizations including Human Rights Watch and the U.N. Refugees Agency have established that Venezuela is currently undergoing a humanitarian crisis where the regime violates basic human rights. Other countries in the region have enacted laws protecting arriving Venezuelans, and the United States, as a beacon of hope and freedom, should also enact laws that provide Venezuelans a legal status.

Therefore, the Venezuelan community urge you to please support the enactment of legislation which: Allows Venezuelans citizens to become lawful permanent residents in the United States with a pathway to citizenship; Provides humanitarians relief to arriving Venezuelans citizens that have been victims of the regime; Excludes from the United States any Venezuelan citizen that has incited, ordered, and/or assisted with the persecution of order in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan community in the United States knows that you understand the crisis that we currently live and that a change is need to protect the thousands of Venezuelans that have been victims of the Nicolas Maduro regime. This is the moment to take action and enact legislation that protect Venezuelan citizens that are currently in the United States.

We gratefully appreciate your consideration to our petition which is made by our economic sector in your District, and as our federal representative in Congress/Senate we sincerely hope and trust that you could embrace and sponsor our Venezuelan Adjustment Law Project.

Thank you for time and I appreciate everything you have done for the Venezuelan community. I am here to help with any initiative that support the Venezuelan community, please contact me if there is anything we can do for the enactment of this legislation.


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