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Carlos Gimenez

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Solicitud Roundtable al Representante Gimenez

Carta al Representante Carlos Gimenez (R FL D28) ROUNDTABLE


The Honorable Representative
Carlos Gimenez
4221 SW 120th St # 115,
Miami, FL 33186


Ref: Roundtable solicitation

Venezuelan Adjustment Act H.R 4048

Honorable Congressman,

Receive warm greetings, and we hope that you can continue demonstrating your excellent management in District 28, which represents the largest number of Venezuelans, companies, and entrepreneurs in the United States.

I am writing this communication to request a roundtable meeting to be granted to us so that we can be heard. On behalf of more than 400,000 Venezuelans, we would like to present our reasons why supporting the Venezuelan Adjustment Act H.R 4048 is a priority both for us and for the nation.

I kindly ask you to grant this request and provide the date for this meeting this month August 2023 or next month September 2023 to the My Voice Counts Foundation, which leads this legislative project before Congress through the Chief Executive Officer, Mildred Rodriguez MBA, at the email address mildredceo@mvcmyvoicecounts.org

Thankful for your collaboration and attention.


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