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Dear Representative,

On December 31, 2021, planning began for a bill that could offer permanent stability to more than 421,000 Venezuelans residing in the United States until that date. This proposal called the Venezuelan Adjustment Law would be a way of offering Permanent Residence to our vulnerable population.

We also need bipartisan support; however, we ask that you be a sponsor or cosponsor of said bill as it represents great hope for the Venezuelan people currently living in the United States.

The Venezuelan community urges your help in bringing this legislation to the House of Representatives to permanently protect Venezuelan residents in the US We will be proud to have your support in supporting this legislation.

We need to start the path of Venezuelans by providing stability with a great contribution to the nation, being an asset and added value for the growth and development of communities.

This bill could be passed in the House of Representatives with the support of both parties. We look forward to your leadership to do so.




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